Pediflor Kidz toothpaste is a specially formulated Fluoride Toothpaste with an added benefit of 10% Xylitol, especially for Children. It helps in reducing dental plaque and cavity-causing bacteria in your child’s mouth. Fluoride in Pediflor Kidz toothpaste prevents cavities and strengthens enamel. Brushing with Pediflor Kidz every morning and evening can ensure strong & healthy teeth for your child.

PediflorKidz Anticavity Fluoride Bubble Gum Flavor Toothpaste for children | Kids Toothpaste | Vegan Friendly | 70g pack of 1

Bullet Points:

1) Specially formulated toothpaste for kids.

2) Ideal Kids Toothpaste to reduce plaque formation and fight tooth decay.

3) Clinically proven to fight caries.

4) Vegan Friendly.


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PediflorKidz Anticavity Fluoride Bubble Gum 70g

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