Amflor Toothpaste 70g

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Amflor Toothpaste for Braces | Prevents Cavities & White Spot Lesions | Organic Amine Fluoride for Enamel Remineralization| Mint Flavour Orthodontic Toothpaste | Pack of 1 (70 g pack)

Bullet Points:

1) [TOOTHPASTE FOR BRACES – PREVENTS WHITE SPOT LESIONS] – Amflor Toothpaste is specially formulated for orthodontic wearers. It contains Organic Amine fluoride which forms a uniform and continuous protective layer of CaF (calcium fluoride) on the surface of teeth that resists being washed away by saliva, providing sustained cavity protection & preventing white spot lesions!

2) [HELPS FIGHT MICROBES]- Orthodontic (braces) patients are more vulnerable to bacterial growth because of their braces. Amflor toothpaste contains Amine fluoride, which not only restricts the metabolic activity of bacteria, but also reduces their acid production. This makes it an ideal toothpaste for brace wearers.

3) [ORGANIC FLUORIDE VS INORGANIC FLUORIDE]- Amine fluoride (organic fluoride) gets rapidly and evenly distributed on the teeth due to its active agents. This is unlike inorganic fluoride, which is randomly distributed and thus ineffective in providing complete protection.

4) [ENAMEL REMINERALIZATION TOOTHPASTE]- Amflor forms a stable, homogenous, calcium fluoride layer on the teeth, which protects the underlying enamel and is readily available for remineralisation. It also offers long-term protection against caries, as compared to inorganic fluoride toothpaste.

5) [USE WITH AMFLOR MOUTHWASH] – For best results during orthodontic treatments, use Amflor toothpaste and Amflor mouthwash simultaneously for good oral health. This combination of toothpaste and mouthwash actively helps to reduce cavities and plaque build-up.


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Amflor Toothpaste 70g

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